A Little Light From A Dark Place

Pain will keep us rooted in a devastated place. It's a hard decision that many of us fear hoping we get change but if desired results is unknown so will our future be. From where I sit I can only imagine a future brighter than this. From where you sit can you imagine a brighter future as well? Lost in the darkness from a cold world many choose to freeze up. Making no progress scared because there last steps led them into the hell pit we're in now. Our future is in our next step, our journey is our story. You never know what life will throw at you but why fear tomorrow when we have lived and seen many yesterdays? Take initiative and embrace your struggle that its needed for the story and future you desire. Theres no changing our past but we can change how we let it effect us. Instead of letting it weigh us down displaying all the worries of the world trying to crush us. Let's see ourselves as that strong individual who's lifting the weight of the world and rise. Rise to the occasion we call today and live a life where change is closer than we think. No matter your surroundings believe you could see the life you desire if you put your mind to it. Dont give up because who you are today wont be who you are tomorrow.






Heather Hernandez

Good shit.. We will keep pushing


Love this!good word can’t wait for the Many more!!

Loca Angel

Very inspiring true and hopeful hope is always free to share

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