A Darker Struggle

As I walk the yard along side my brothers incarcerated with me. I'd share with them the lil wisdom I had with hope to be a light upon our dark journeys. I couldn't deny the authenticity of the struggle they've endured themselves. They shared with me stories where I had no words of comfort. What can you tell a man who will never make it home?, doing life in prison, who one day will die in here. The world is filled with so much diversity it opened my eyes to how much we get lost focussing on ourselves. Kind of lost to the pain in the world from people whose been forgot about. I'm grateful to have family support which helps me get through these dark times but not everyone has that. We have men in here stressing on these wall phones trying to call back to back over family while theres men in here who haven't touched that phone in years because they have no family. I'm hoping to create this platform to share stories from these men who endure a struggle many of us could never relate to. I want to shine the light in a dark place. What family means to you won't mean the same thing to the next man, neither will love, happiness and joy. What can you tell a man who's never going home, who will die here and never accomplish his dreams he once desired. I'm fortunate to have a release date not to far away and I could never forget these individuals. Before you get all mad and stressed out by life just know things could be worse. Understand that all these men once had families, dreams and goals. The wrong decisions they made took all that away from them. Not many of us plan for the dark days that's inevitable. We may flex in the light showing our strength but in the dark no one ever sees the fear and pain from living a life we never expected. I could go on and on but this story really has no ending, so I'll leave it as the beginning to the many more posts I'll share. Thanks.

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