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Colored SOP Tap Card

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      This selection of SOP Tap Cards will not have images loaded onto them. They will come blank in whatever color you choose.

    (If you upload a photo, it will not be printed on the card. Purchase "SOP Tap Card" if you would like an image on your card
  • Digitally Immersive Experience: SOP Digital Business cards give you the ultimate freedom to create environment where you can save time, effort, and make the most complicated tasks simpler in just one touch. Makes your life simpler and more colorful.
  • Easy Operate: You just need hover your phone over the card, data will send to your phone directly, No need internal energy, no need battery, no manual pairing. Compatible and programmable with all NFC-enabled cell phones and devices. Simple touch makes your phone much more fun!
  • Perfect Size: Standard ISO card size, Glossy finish laminated blank white PVC cards, waterproof PVC material of the badge protects the NFC chip inside.
  • Extremely Fast: with NTAG215 Chip, 504 bytes memory. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION !!! : Some of the iPhone Model cannot support reading the nfc tags, so it cannot recognize the nfc tags, it is not tags problem, please understand it clearly before your buying.



Shipping & Returns

Items will be shipped out as soon as possible, snail mail about 3 - 5 business days.
Items may be returned to be recoded to another landing page for free, as long as it comes with a paid postage for return.


5.55 x 3.78 x 0.55 inches

size of a standard credit card

Care Instructions

The only business card you'll ever need.

Warning: When placed in your pocket keep separate from your phone so it doesn't send messages repeatedly